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It's more than auditions and headshots and mailings and just waiting for your big break. This is your life's work...So, what will you make of it? Dallas Travers’ cutting edge programs are designed to help you catapult your career to new heights without compromising your art, your integrity, or your creative spirit. You’ll learn how to harness the power of community, leadership, professionalism, curiosity and play, all while building a profitable and purposeful acting empire. If you’re tired of the grind and ready to take your success into your own hands, you are in the right place.

success stories

  • My career looks completely different than it did just one year ago. After challenging myself and digging deep, I booked a guest-starring role. Right after that, I booked a pilot. And right after that, I booked a lovely film role.

    Anoush NeVart
  • What I learned about creating momentum is to only doing things that empower you. Like Dallas says, success is an inside job. So, make sure you’re trusting yourself. Make sure you’re not forcing anything. Make sure you’re grateful for all of it.

    Amin Joseph
  • You can worry about why nothing’s happening or you can decide to take action toward what you really want. Dallas gave me the structure to move past the fear and get my booty into action in a whole new way. Today, I have a dream role on my dream show. And I deserve it. You deserve it too, so now it’s up to you to make it happen.

    Cathy Baron
  • I’ve gained confidence, courage and the skills to be the captain of my team. Today, I’m fearless and confident and attracting what I want including a series regular role.

    Ginifer King
  • In the last five months, I’ve booked two TV credits as well as landing two pilot auditions… all WITHOUT an agent! Best of all, I feel empowered and excited about my future in the industry. She’s helped me find the joy and enthusiasm for this business that I had been missing for a long time.

    Suzanne Smart
  • Dallas, helped me shift the way I approach my career. This week I booked not one but TWO Broadway shows. It’s amazing the things that can happen when you REALLY start to focus and take charge of your career!

    Caesar Samayoa
  • In the last four months, I’ve booked four TV guest star credits and secured a solid agent thanks to the tools, strategies, and insight Dallas has offered me. Our work together has increased my confidence, streamlined my business, and completely transformed my approach to the industry.

    Laura Niemi
  • Dallas gave me the courage to ask for what I really want. Thanks to what I learned from her, I now have a great commercial agent who sends me out on at least 3 auditions each week.

    Tony Mitchell
  • I was doing everything I could to further my career and was seeing no results. After implementing Dallas’ advice to commit to doing less, I got my web series picked up by a major comedy publisher on Youtube and am now writing, producing, and starring in my own content on a weekly basis. I’ve gone from feeling totally helpless, to feeling totally confident about where my career is headed.

    Steven Bell
  • I feel like I have up-leveled my thinking in ALL areas of my life. I’m more open and better at communication and I’m more patient with myself and my circumstances. I also got a manager, a great one, with a great company!

    Amy Vorpahl
  • Thanks to what I learned from Dallas, I have a commercial agent and a manager, an audition for the premiere of a new play, and countless networking opportunities from actors and filmmakers.

    Brian Chin
  • There are so many books you can read, classes to take, and coaches to meet with that will just give you the list of things you are “supposed” to do. Dallas brings you in touch with your true self and then caters your career plan to match. I feel such peace and confidence moving forward – I know that even though I may not be working on a set, I am still working on my career and building relationships and my empire.

    Jessica Martin
  • Dallas is a force. Dallas helped me narrow in on my goals with an easy to follow system to propel my career forward. I finally feel like I’m in the driver’s seat of my career. Working with Dallas is a game-changer. If you are an actor, you need Dallas! You can accomplish any of your goals with her streamlined, focused, and expert approach.

    Alyssa Diaz
  • Dallas teaches logical things that I had NEVER been taught before! In the past month I have secured two manager meetings and two agent meetings – resulting in three offers. Now, I get to actually CHOOSE the right representation for me.

    Robyn Payne
  • Dallas gave me a sense of control. She taught me how to ask for what I really want without feeling like I was using people. My quantum leap was to shift out of the theater world and into film and television. Thanks to the Breakthrough, I booked a Martin Scorsese’s film.

    Bret Shuford
  • It has been 3 years since I’ve booked a paid acting job and I truly believe that doing the breakthrough helped me change my mindset and gave me the confidence I needed to trust myself and what I have to offer as an actress. Since the class, I signed with an agency, I booked a commercial and I working on a new musical with a director I admire.

    Jesmille Darbouze
  • Dallas gave me a sense of control. Thanks to our work together, I got my first commercial agent, my first theatrical agent, my first television role, my first guest star, + my first recurring role. But the best thing I got was the realization that if I put in the time, focus, and work, I could make my dreams my reality.

    Christine Garver
  • I booked my first two TV credits in less than eight weeks. Now, I’m finally focused, energized and completely supported by my team.

    Jen Ponton

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