Acting Success Comes When Your Life is In Harmony


If you truly want success as an actor, you must commit to taking consistent, persistent, and inspired action for your career. But there’s more to it than that.

Some people would like to believe that nothing else exists in the world outside of their careers. It’s just not true.

Hard work is great and absolutely necessary to succeed in this business. But true success comes when you give the same level of love, attention, and effort to all aspects of your life. When you commit fully to everything that matters, you are a success.

When you respect your personal life as much as your professional life, you are a success. When you put attention on your finances today rather than wait for that big paycheck, you are a success. When you celebrate the little victories as much as the big ones, you are a success.

Let go of your belief in the starving artist myth. Yeah, we’ve all seen Rent and though there is something noble or even admirable about suffering for the sake of your art, the reality of it is not so good. Not only is it not so good, but it’s also the tougher way to live. You must really choose suffering, lack, and discomfort in order to experience it.

Instead, seek harmony. And do it whether you’re waiting tables or winning Oscars. There is nothing harmonious about bouncing checks, missing family trips, struggling to make ends meet, and just being broke and unhappy. You are an actor because acting fulfills you. There is nothing fulfilling about waiting around to book your series before you enjoy your life.

That is the opposite of fulfillment. You are an actor because you want to inspire people. There is nothing inspired about working with a jerk-of-a-manager just because it’s better to have somebody than nobody. That’s not the way it works and it doesn’t have to be your story.

This business is only as crazy as you want it to be. It’s your choice. Though it’s essential that you commit to your long-term success as an actor, you must also commit to living a balanced and fulfilled life today. It’s a lot easier to treat yourself like a starving artist than to behave like the genius you know you are. It’s a lot safer to play small, struggle and suffer than it is to make bold choices and change some lives with the work you deliver. That’s for sure.

The way you do anything directly reflects and affects the way you do everything. Respect your career, but don’t neglect your finances, your personal life, or your day-to-day enjoyment. Life is way too short to suffer on your way to success. Now is the time to master the habits of living a balanced and fulfilled life. This framework will influence your life after you make it.


  1. Love this article & needed the perspective today. Thank you, Dallas! Life’s truly richer when we acknowledge all important areas and give them our respect, time and dedication. I never thought before “…easier to treat yourself like a starving artist than to behave like the genius you are.” wow! gonna tuck that away and use as necessary : )

  2. Love this. Coming to Chicago has been a breath of fresh air because I was able to get out of the hamster wheel of trying to “make it” and really start to balance my life. Now I’m happier every day regardless of what happens in my career. Great advice, Dallas! <3

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