Did pilot season suck for you? Again?

By DaJuan Johnson

You’ve probably heard a lot of talk about how Pilot Season is a myth because pilots are cast all year long.

Sure pilots are being cast all the time, but…

Traditional pilot season is alive and thriving. The fact that you might not be auditioning and getting into rooms does not mean it is not happening. It could mean you need a new plan. A proven plan and roadmap you can use during ANY SEASON in the industry.

So, whether Pilot Season was a bust or not, there’s still time to book the work you crave. And there’s a lot of work to do to be prepared for next year’s pilot season.

I’d like to offer up the 7 tools from my Booking Actor’s Crush it Kit to get you ready and confident to compete for every role you’re right for. All year long.

Tool #1: Mindset, Mindset, Mindset

Mindset Formula:
Right Actions + Wrong Mindset = No good
Right Actions + Right Mindset = Success

It all starts with mindset. Everything you do. Mastering the little voice that tells you to play small is just as important as learning your lines for a big audition. If your mindset is not in the right place, you will slingshot backward, finding yourself at ground zero. Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

Answer This: How do you take care of your mindset on a daily basis?

Tool #2: Absolute Yes Package

Sometimes a lot of things in this industry seem out of our control. Simple fact, they are. Your Absolute Yes Package is one of the things that are absolutely in your control. We’ve all heard the quote: “Stay ready and you won’t have to get ready!” When is the last time you’ve made sure every tool in your control is up to date? Everything that goes in your AYP is designed to make you an easy yes!

Answer This: Is your Absolute Yes Package Ready? Here are a few items in your AYS package: Reel, Resume, Headshot, website(s). All on Brand. Make sure all of your necessary Actor tools are ready and you energetically feel GREAT about them.

Tool #3: Self-Tape Studio

What’s in your studio? More and more the industry is moving towards casting off of self-tapes. Self-tapes level the playing field, but only if you have done it correctly. Self-tape can be your greatest asset or your worst enemy.

Answer This: What is your self-taping strategy?

Tool #4: Fan Check

No one in this industry obtained their success without having some raving fans! Collecting them and fostering a relationship with them can be an art in itself. It’s important to check in and stay on their radar. Actually, it’s your job!

Answer This: Who are your fans in the industry? Write down your list and reach out to them often.

Tool #5: Creative Tank Full

Acting is a living breathing thing that needs diversity. Putting hyper focus solely on the industry is a recipe for disappointment and resentment. Taking time daily – weekly at the most – to fuel your creative muscle is imperative to your craft.

Answer This: What do you do to fill your creative tank each week?

Tool #6: Audition Success Plan

Let’s face it. The world doesn’t stop when you get an audition. You still have red carpet events to attend, family to hang out with, or money to make at your survival job. Having a mapped out plan before an appointment comes in can make all the difference between booking it and just doing ok.

Answer This: What’s your step-by-step Audition Success Plan?

Tool #7: Your Tribe

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Jim Rohn.

Finding your tribe of actors is imperative to your success. It matters who you hang out with. Three principles to actively look for are Community, Support & Accountability. This can take the form of forming a working actors group to stay sharp and on top of your audition game or seeking out an accountability partner to work on the business side of things. Don’t be afraid to create what you don’t have at the moment and be the leader/gatherer of that creation.

Answer This: Who’s your tribe?

Episodic season is FOUR months away. Will you be ready? Time to create a plan.


If you’d like to take massive action together with proven steps from a working actor who’s actually been where you are – I invite you to join me for my (totally free) Audition Success Plan Masterclass. It’s Tool #6 in The Booking Actors Crush it Kit.

I see no reason why this upcoming season can’t be the best season of your career.

DaJuan Johnson is a working actor on Amazon’s hit show BOSCH. The show is in its 4th season and has been renewed for a 5th. He’s been recurring on the show since the pilot episode. DaJuan is also a TAC Mentor + certified life coach who is on a mission to help actors #uplevel their career with confidence. His mindset strategies are grounded in his real-life experience as a veteran working actor. Check out all things DaJuan at www.thinkbiggercoaching.com & join the Think Bigger Tribe on Facebook.

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