The Real Reason Your Goals Matter

It may come as no surprise to learn that I’m a fan of goals. I kinda live for them. Goals are awesome mile-markers on your road to success, but there’s an even more important reason to have goals.

And it’s not what you think. Watch this week’s Acting Business Bite video to find out more.



Take a minute to think back to past goals that may not have gone according to plan.

Can you relate to them differently now? I’d love to hear your thoughts about the real reason for goals below.


  1. Thanks for the insight, Dallas. I love having goals because it helps me think specifically about what I need to do next – and then I have an action to take! Sometimes I get so swept up in the action-taking that I need to step back and make sure I’m working in alignment!

  2. Hi Dallas, As always, your words reflect where I am and what I am doing. Working on the 180 has given me an opportunity to really look at my goals and my actions. I have a lifetime of “course corrections” and no longer feel anything but very fortunate that I can own that. When I was not able to say it is ok to change, life was difficult and I felt awkward as me. So I started to explore and life has opened. You are one of the guides sent to me. Goals keep my adventure joyful.

  3. Thanks so much for this ideology, it has transformed my daily work. I have definitely been one of those people flying in circles with the fear of, ‘Am I doing the right thing or am I meant to be going that goal over there?’ This completely means I can adjust as things do or don’t come my way, but still keep a momentum forward. Debx

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