How To Tell If You’re Afraid of Your Agent

How To Tell If You’re Afraid of Your Agent by DaJuan Johnson

TAC Mentor DaJuan Johnson is a pro at helping actors get their mindset in check in order to take the actions needed to achieve massive career success. In this week’s Acting Business Bite, DaJuan busts some myths around finding the agent or manager that’s right for you. Check out his three tips to start thinking bigger when it comes to representation below.


Quick Pop Quiz!

When your agent emails and says: “please call he would like to speak with you.”

Do you:

a. Go through all the worse case scenarios as to why they want to speak to you
b. Convince yourself that they’re going to drop you
c. Get sweaty palms and feel sick to your stomach
d. All of the above

If you answered yes to any of the letters above, you just might be afraid of your reps.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are hundreds of actors dealing with the same thing. Trust me, I’ve coached tons of them. Heck, I’ve actually BEEN one of them.

Let’s be honest. We put agents and managers on pedestals. We start viewing them as the gatekeepers to our careers.


Because they are one major route to help you get more auditions, book more work and have the career you really desire. (Notice I didn’t say the ONLY route…but, I’ll save that for another blog post.) It’s easy to forget one important thing about agents and managers – they’re people too and they really do want us to succeed. (just like casting directors.)

Novel idea huh? What would it be like if you imagined an industry where reps really rooted for actors?

The key to turning that fantasy into a really? A mindset shift.

Here are three quick tools to get you on the recovery road from Representation Fear to THINKING BIGGER!


Before you even begin looking for representation, you need to ask yourself, “What’s my ideal relationship with an agent look like?” Really take time to think about this and come up with a list BEFORE your first meeting with prospective reps. Write your vision down and use it as a barometer to determine whether or not you’ve made an ideal match.  This way, you can ask all these questions up front and get comfortable before you commit.


Shift your thinking away from needing to please, impress or convince your team to work hard for you. Instead, see yourself as an equal part of a well oiled machine. You truly are a team, and you gotta think that way. Stop giving all of your power away the moment you sign with someone. Lose the question, “How do you see pitching me?”

Instead, think confidence.

I see myself recurring on Blue Bloods within a year. I’d love to work together with you to actualize this goal.

The former shows neediness. The latter is more confident and team focused. Whenever you pickup the phone or send an email, THINK TEAM. This is the way I want to show up on my team.


It sounds silly, right? Thinking better thoughts. As if you have power over being or not being scared of your reps, right?

Well, you do. And when you take control of your thoughts, you’ll take charge of your career. So ask yourself, “How do I want to run my business?” How do I want to show up for my team?”

You can choose to come from a place of fear or a place of self-confidence. And here’s the best part… you don’t actually have to feel confident in order to operate from a place of confidence. It’s a classic ‘fake it ‘til you make it’ scenario here. If you begin to operate from a place of confidence, that real, legitimate feeling of confidence will follow.

PS: I’ve got a special Representation 101 series on the way, so if you need a jump-start, you can check it out here.


DaJuan JohnsonTAC Mentor DaJuan Johnson is a working actor who is currently recurring as Officer Rondell Pierce in Amazon’s “Bosch”. He’s also a Certified Life Coach and acting teacher who provides other actors with inspiration, self-awareness and tools to make their professional and personal goals a reality. Please visit to learn his 4 keys to getting and keeping your Representation Dream Team.

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