What’s Impacting Your Career Buzz?

By TAC Mentor, Tammy Lynn

Every actor and content creator I’ve ever met is looking to build momentum in their career.

You’re all trying to figure out:

How do I go from that co-star TV role to a series regular?

Or get fans for my latest web series?

Or grab attention for my work in a film that’s premiering at a festival?

These are all important questions because they relate to pushing your career forward – whether that’s to another paid acting gig or to finding an audience.

But, before the next casting director, studio executive, production head or other industry insider decides to work with you, they are all exercising some due diligence.

What am I talking about?


I guarantee these business-minded folks are looking for any details they can discover about you, your project, your fan base, your work history and more. They want to know exactly who you are…and what you’re working on.

So, let me ask: if they were to search for you right now — what exactly would they find?

Do you look like you’re ‘in the game’…or more like you’re ‘M.I.A.’?

Now, imagine if they found…

A news article highlighting your recent appearance on a TV show.

Or maybe an interview you did about the new web series you launched a couple months back.

Perhaps they might read an online feature about a festival winning film you starred in.

Or even listen to you as a guest on a podcast discussing your newest short.

So, what’s stopping you?


Is it that you’re afraid of publicity?

Do you simply not know what to do?

Maybe you think PR is only for the rich and already famous?

Hold it right there – these negative thoughts are one of the major factors impacting your career buzz.


I want you tell you about Laura… she called me not too long ago, and it went something like this:

Hi…I just booked a role on a hit TV series. It’s not a huge role, but it might be recurring…and it’s a character that people who watch the show will remember. But, I’m just not sure it’s enough to do any PR…is it?

Now, meet Ephraim… he reached out to me not too long ago to ask:

Hi Tammy, I just shot a role in a movie with a really well-known celebrity. It’s only two scenes, but it’s a really funny role opposite the celeb, so I thought it might be something I could get some publicity for but I’m not sure. What do you think?

If you know me at all…then you know my answer is always the same: Congratulations, and YES – it’s enough!

Whatever it is that tells you to wait, holds you back, or keeps you from sharing your successes with the world, it needs to be tossed in the trash.

In other words — Just Do It!


Now, I recognize that this might seem easier said than done. But, I want you to know that it doesn’t have to be.

The first step is letting go of any fear that you’re not enough. Then, it’s realizing your career momentum is in your own hands because you have control over the amount of buzz you build. And, this holds true no matter what level you’re at.

Both Laura and Ephraim were able to lose their negative thoughts and understand how to use publicity in their career. And you know what…we were able to gain some press attention for their work.

If you’d like to hear more about how they did it, then join me for my free Publicity Crash Course masterclass online now.

I’m sharing a few candid conversations I had with your peers and revealing 3 Factors Impacting Your Career Buzz so you can overcome them, too.

There’s no reason that you can’t utilize publicity to help you steer your career in the direction you want it to go…starting right now.

Tammy is the Head Publicist and Founder of Spotlight PR Company, where she has used her awesome talents to help hundreds of actors, filmmakers, musicians, and comedians craft their public image, develop name recognition and build buzz for themselves and their projects. With more than 15 years experience, Tammy has worked in Los Angeles and New York City for some of the largest PR companies in the business. She creates, oversees, and implements PR strategy while cultivating relationships with media outlets around the country.

Here’s the best part: Tammy is actually affordable. Unlike other PR firms who charge you thousands of dollars each month, Tammy offers a-la-carte publicity services that work. She’ll help you set up a solid PR plan, prepare for interviews, and communicate your star power with the right media attention. In a word, she is fabulous.

If you’re an actor, filmmaker, or content creator in need of some PR mojo, get going now at www.spotlightprcompany.com.

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