How to Work on Two Network Shows at the Same Time


Jeff Meacham paid us a visit inside the Thriving Artist Circle recently and he shared so many juicy career tips that we turned them into a handy, dandy illustration for you.

Jeff recurs on ABC’s Blackish and Nickelodeon’s The Thundermans.  He and TAC Mentor Bill Coelius talked about professionalism in the audition room, during table reads, and on set.  But what struck me most about Jeff’s interview was his commitment to preparation and his strong work ethic.

Jeff’s full interview is now featured on our TAC member’s site and you can listen to it now when you join the TAC Family.  Click here to do that now and get ready to be inspired!


Quick shout out to Natalie Kim who created this illustration.  Natalie shares ideas through acting and drawing and you can connect with her on Twitter (@nataliekimNYC).

Now, take a minute to get in on the action inside the Thriving Artist Circle. We’ve got hundreds (literally) of training videos, interviews and coaching calls waiting for you.


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