Your 2016 Year in Review


Every December, I share a special Year In Review exercise with my Thriving Artist Circle family. It’s designed to help you celebrate the highs of 2016, and grow from the lows so you can create a powerful vision for the year to come. I hope you enjoy it!



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  1. Wow! This was powerful. Really got me to thinking and I’m going to go through all the steps before the end of this year. Thank you for always being there with these incredible videos. Happy new year to you too!

  2. This was awesome! Thanks so much for this, Dallas; it was just what I needed today. I’ve always enjoyed how you use visualization in these new year reflections/plans!

  3. Wow Really awesome! This email bite slipped under my radar ( maybe due to all the holiday stuff going on) so I’m a little late but who cares !!! This was such a Awesome guide in getting clear and moving forward in 2017 !!! Thank you !

  4. This is awesome. It’s now March & I keep coming back to this. I wish there had been a companion worksheet that went with it, I keep reading over what I wrote down and it’s really helping me achieve my goals, get more accomplished and really helping me focus on what I really want in my personal life and my professional acting career. Thanks Dallas!

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