Hey, I know you!
  • You’re that hard working, well-trained, super committed actor ready to book that big job, land those awesome reps, and actually make a living doing what you love.

    You’re in it for the long haul and ready to make this acting thing happen. For real.

  • Yet, at times (maybe even most of the time!), you feel frustrated because you think you’re doing all of the right things, but you just can’t seem to get any real traction.

    Your career feels like a roller coaster and it’s getting to you.

  • You wish your representation was better, your auditions are few and far between, and frankly, actor marketing doesn’t float your boat.

    If you never mail another postcard again it will be too soon!

  • Not you, though. You want things to be different and you don’t want to lose any steam because episodic season is right around the corner.

    So you keep plugging away, but somewhere along this wild ride, you’ve lost that loving feeling.

  • You’re not going to quit (hell, you’ve been at this way too long)! Plus, acting is what you were MEANT TO DO. You’re built for it. It’s in your bones and it’s what makes you whole.
  • But there’s got to be a better way! You know you’re this close to a major career breakthrough, but you can’t quite see how to cut through the noise and find that break you’ve been working toward.
  • What if I told you that there is an easier way?
  • What if you didn’t have to suffer to create the career you want?
  • What if you could actually have a career you’re proud of and a life you love?
  • Acting success does not hinge on what you do; it hinges on how you do it.

    Which is excellent news because it’s something you can actually control. It’s a change you can make that in turn makes a huge difference in your acting career and in your life.

    Please join me for an extraordinary, exclusive journey designed to completely transform

    Welcome to Acting 180, five-week game changing, obstacle-busting, career adventure designed to bring you an acting career to be proud of without all the other stuff.

    Here’s what we’ll tackle during our career-changing adventure:
    Follow the Feeling
    Most actors focus on what they want to accomplish rather than how they want to feel. When you shift away from a results-only mindset and toward one of feeling, frustration, fear, and FOMO all fall away. I’ll help you clarify the feeling that will serve as your compass for decision making, action taking, and result producing.

    From there, we’ll conduct an audit of your actions. Are you doing things that inspire and propel you forward? Or are you busy being busy, playing small, or frozen? Just remember that when you follow the feeling, bookings follow you.

    Fantasize In Your Own Favor
    This is my favorite part of the whole course! I’ll teach you how to create a living vision of exactly what you want your career to look like, how you want to operate, how the business responds to you, and what success on your own terms really means. This work is life changing and I cannot wait to share it with you.
    Tony Robbins said that successful people ask better questions; that’s why they get better results. So this week, we’ll creatively identify a new approach to your acting business simply by asking different questions. This simple and powerful technique will enlighten you and reveal new opportunities you’ve been missing. The result? A new perspective that’s totally aligned with who you really are, how you want to feel, and the results that mean the most to you.
    Sometimes the thing standing between you and that big booking is a sense of true urgency. It’s easy to procrastinate and let yourself off the hook when you feel like a one-person operation. But when you tap into a motivator that’s bigger than your fears, brave new actions become a no-brainer.

    I’ll teach you how to easily create massive urgency that propels into action toward what you want, and those actions will be bolder and consistent, yet somehow simpler to take every day. You’ll walk away from week four of Acting 180 with an entirely new approach to your career action plan and major motivation to go out there and get it done!

    We’ll put all of the tools you’ve learned together to create a layered, actionable career plan that focuses on habit-building. You’ll walk away from Acting 180 with what I call a Bullseye plan in place so you know what to focus on, what matters most, and most importantly how you want to feel every day as an actor. That way, you’ll leave this course truly believing in yourself, trusting that the industry has your back, and activated to create a career you’re truly proud of.


    If there were an Academy Award for Actors’ Career Coach, it would go to Dallas Travers! Her new Acting 180 Workshop is yet another stroke of genius from her seemingly endless well of creativity. I left Acting 180 re-invigorated by her unique blend of practical techniques and
    inspirational tools.

    The practical techniques can be applied effectively to any career goal at any level, and the inspirational tools rejuvenate the spiritual and creative aspects of my life as an actor, and even — no kidding — make me a better person!

    Tom Beyer

    Acting 180 is EXACTLY what you’ll experience when you leave this class. Since the workshop I’ve been asking myself my morning question and setting my feeling intention for the day. I have so much more clarity towards my acting career and a lot less stress about my process.

    Since the class all of my auditions have been “next level”, my ODJ business has increased by 1/3 and I’ve been able to say no to side jobs and opportunities that aren’t in line with my goal. I feel free and like a boss.

    Lauren Litt

    Acting 180 helped me hit the refresh button on my overall mindset toward approaching my acting career. After taking Acting 180, my new philosophy is, “If you don’t make it fun, you won’t get it done!”

    From now on I am making sure I connect with myself more as I take action to ensure that I am enjoying every step of the way and that is making all of the difference. I booked a lead role in a play the very next week and am now connecting with casting directors in a more meaningful way.

    Mandy Meunzer

    The Who, What, When, & Where
    • WHAT
      Over the course of five weeks, you’ll walk through some major mindset tools and actionable business strategies to change the way you approach your career.

      Acting 180 features online video training with weekly action steps plus audio recordings of five live and interactive group coaching sessions. These audios take a deep dive into each phase of Acting 180 and you’ll learn from listening to me coach other actors through their questions, obstacles, and opportunities.

      You’ll walk away from Acting 180 with a clear plan of action that comes from your heart (not some formulaic system). You’ll feel clear about what matters most to you and inspired to reignite your career in a whole new way.

      Acting 180 is not about learning how to market yourself; it’s about dramatically changing how you’re already approaching your career.

    • WHO
      This career intensive is not for beginners. It’s also not a ‘plug and play’ system you just follow. Acting 180 is all about aligning with what’s true for you, throwing out all the BS that’s not working, and taking new, inspired action.

      We’re not going to waste time talking about basic marketing strategies or how-to. This program goes deeper than that. That’s why Acting 180 works best for actors who’ve been in the game (even if you feel like you’re standing on the sidelines) for at least two years. You’re taking action and you’re ready to mix it up from the inside out.

    • WHERE
      All you need to take yourself through this incredible program is an open mind and an internet connection. And don’t forget that you’ll have lifetime access to all of the course materials so you can reference this work as often as you need to.he secret to getting the most out of Acting 180 is to start when you’re ready and set aside specific time to watch the training videos, listen to the coaching calls, and work on your action items. That way, the program will feel just like a live class with a specific timeline and dates to hold you accountable.
    • WHEN
      This is a self-guided course that you can tackle in your own time and at your own pace. Though I recommend setting aside about 3 hours per week to watch the training videos, listen to the coaching calls and apply the homework on your own, you can customize your process however you choose.

    Because you deserve it. Because you don’t have to suffer to be successful. Because your career is begging for a shake-up. Because you CAN turn this thing around and I can help you.


    It’s always been a dream of mine to work with Tyler Perry. With the confidence and plan I gained at Acting 180, I put the pedal to the medal and made steps toward that dream.

    Two weeks after Acting 180, I was invited to deliver a monologue in front of Tyler Perry’s Casing Director, Rhavynn Drummer. This opportunity and the helpful feedback I received was invaluable. Like Dallas says, it’s all about planting those seeds! Look out… I’m steps closer to my dream.

    Katrina Kayes

    Acting 180 was exactly what I needed to shift my mindset and ultimately, my career. Dallas got to the heart of the matter so that we all can live the life we want each day. How I want to feel each day is the most important barometer for taking the right actions for myself, and my career.

    Paulette Mihale

    The biggest thing I gained in Acting 180 is the understanding that I don’t need to worry about how to fit into a role. Now, I just ask myself the question, “ What can I bring to this role today just exactly I am now? That question comes from confidence and the TRUTH instead of what I think casting might want. I also learned that saying “no” will get you where me want to go.

    So, NO I don’t have to be that age or that type .. I can be me and act from that pure, self-accepting state.

    Kimiko Gelman

    As a Reminder, Here’s What You’ll Get With Acting 180
    Complete Career Reboot

    This self-guided, deep dive program is designed to help you realign your goals and actions with who you really are. You’ll learn how to define success for yourself, raise the stakes so you take bold action, and create the career you desire most.

    Five Deep-Dive Group Coaching Sessions

    You’ll hear me apply my life coaching certification, Spiritual Psychology background, and entrepreneurial skills to help actors overcome real and overwhelming obstacles in their careers and accomplish meaningful goals in their lives. Thanks to the vulnerability, openness, and clarity of each actor on the call, you’ll learn so much about how to make Acting 180 work for you..

    Five Game Changing Acting 180 Video Lessons

    Think of these tools as a reality check. You’ll learn how to trust your craft and your skills> You’ll learn to believe that the industry has your back! You’ll get honest about what works for you and what just keep you busy. Plus, you’ll create a new plan of action that’s aligned with how you want to feel instead of with what you think you should be doing.


    You’ll create a new perspective and new career habits with weekly exercises grounded in the perfect mix of spiritual psychology and practical strategy to get you clear, motivated, and activated.

    Clarity. Permission. Traction.

    Acting 180 is not about fitting your career into a box. It’s not about rules or even tactics. It’s about trusting yourself, prioritizing what matters most, turning career ‘have tos’ into career ‘get tos’. You’ll walk away with a deep sense of purpose that’s directly connected to the actions you take toward acting success every single day. Best of all, you’ll trust yourself more than any guru, guidebook, or formula out there.

    Lifetime Access

    Go at your own pace and refer back to these materials as often as you like. You’ll have full access to all the training videos, recorded coaching sessions, and worksheets on our Acting 180 member’s site.

    Acting 180 is normally priced at $270 but you can get the entire program now at a 50% discount. This special holiday discount expires on January 2, 2017.

    How Do I Know If Acting 180 Is Right For Me?
    If you relate to any of the points below, then I’d say Acting 180 is a must for you:
    • You’ve spent a significant amount of time working on your career (aka you don’t consider yourself a beginner). You’ve trained and done some marketing.
    • You aren’t looking for a quick fix. Instead, you’re in it for the long haul.
    • You feel frustrated or stagnated in your career and you’re sick of it.
    • You genuinely care about your acting career – art and business.
    • You’re willing to give this course your best effort, and enthusiastically put in the work knowing that the more you show up, the more you’ll benefit.
    Don’t miss this special New Year’s pricing.
    Get started RIGHT NOW by clicking the payment link below.