TAC Mentors

Meet The TAC Mentors
DaJuan Johnson
With DaJuan, it’s pretty simple… he just wants you to actualize your dreams. He’s a pro at helping you get your mindset in check, get your ducks in a row and take the massive action needed to achieve career success.
DaJuan’s mantra: Confidence Books! And he knows this from experience. Being a working actor himself (currently recurring on Amazon’s,‘Bosch’), DaJuan understands that acting success is an inner and an outer game.He has taught acting for the last eight years in Los Angeles at some well-known studios. And just noticed too many actors falling into confusion, frustration, and even desperation because they didn’t have their minds in the game.

DaJuan relies on his experience as an actor plus his life coaching certification through my alma mater, IPEC, to help you ignite that spark again and to help you stop spinning so you can get to doing the thing you love – acting.

You can check out DaJuan’s work at www.thinkbiggercoaching.com where you can grab some inspiration and even set up a call with the man himself.
Heidi Dean

Heidi Dean is the founder of Marketing 4 Actors and the creator of the Actors Marketing Classroom. She is a graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and was a professional SAG and AEA actor with 20 years experience in theater, commercials, voiceovers, print, and TV.

Combining her years of industry experience with cutting edge online marketing techniques, Heidi helps actors and creative business owners make social media fun, career changing and profitable!

Heidi’s innovative courses in the Marketing 4 Actors and the creator of the Actors Marketing Classroom, help actors embrace the business of show business by teaching them how to discover their unique voice and optimize their online presence to build lasting relationships with industry professionals and create strategies to take their careers to the next level!

You can find out more about Heidi’s world, her consulting, courses and public speaking by visiting Marketing4Actors.com.

You can also chat with her on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook or get inspired on her YouTube Channel!
Bill Coelius

Bill Coelius has been a professional actor in theater, film and TV for over twenty years (a career highlight was getting his throat slit by Lady Gaga on American Horror Story Hotel.)

Bill is also a veteran commercial actor. His signature class, Commercial Acting 101, is the product of his experience acting in over 50 national commercials, and auditioning on a weekly basis in today’s market.

From slate to set, Bill shares a carefully crafted game plan of clear, concrete, and actionable steps designed to help actors book and shoot that national commercial.

Commercial Acting 101 covers everything from a review of basic skills such as slating, sign-in, and making copy your own, to the hidden rules of auditioning and the secrets of on-set behavior.

He also brings in a mix of psychological exercises designed to help you recognize how habitual patterns of fear-based thinking may prevent you from booking. Its really good stuff!

Bill is passionate, compassionate, and knows the mechanisms of the industry machine. Watch Bill’s commercial reel here: https://vimeo.com/122165548
Tammy Lynn
Tammy Lynn Rocks.
Whenever I meet an actor who just booked an exciting new credit, I tell them, “Go See Tammy. Run. Don’t walk. Go… right now.”Tammy is the Head Publicist and Founder of Spotlight PR Company where she has used her awesome talents to help hundreds of actors, filmmakers, musicians, and comedians craft their public image, develop name recognition and build buzz for themselves and their projects.

With more than 15 years experience, Tammy has worked in Los Angeles and New York City for some of the largest PR companies in the business. She creates, oversees, and implements PR strategy, while cultivating relationships with media outlets around the country.

Here’s the best part. Tammy is actually affordable. Unlike other PR firms who charge you thousands of dollars each month, Tammy offers a-la-carte publicity services that work. She’ll help you set up a solid PR plan, prepare for interviews, and communicate your star power with the right media attention. In a word, she is fabulous. If you’re an actor, filmmaker, or content creator in need of some PR mojo, get going now at www.spotlightprcompany.com.