Up Your Game with an Audition Prep Plan

By Bret Shuford Someone asked me after a performance the other day, “How do you keep from getting nervous?” For me, it’s all in how prepared I am. The more prepared I feel with the material, the better job I do. When I’m prepared, nothing can throw off my work. There will always be someone more prepared than you, so you might as well try…


Seven Real Reasons You Didn’t Get That Callback

Booking the job isn’t just about a stellar audition. We all know that. Yet, there are soooo many things that actors do, every day, that destroy their chances of booking the job. There are 7 that I think are the worst – The Seven Deadly Sins. Are you guilty of any of these? Let’s find out…

Working Actor Interview: Philip Hernandez

By Andrew Avery One of my all-time favorite TAC interviews happened this month.  Philip Hernandez shared real and inspiring tips about how to act on stage, on camera and everywhere in between.  Not only is he a working actor himself, but he’s also a fantastic audition coach in NYC.  Check him out at philiphernandez.net.