First Time Director: Top 5 Things I’ve Learned So Far

By DaJuan Johnson | I’ve always been the actor that showed up to set, did an amazing job and then went home. Of course, I’m leaving out a lot of the good middle stuff, but when we bottom line it — that’s what I did. I never really paid too much attention to what lenses the DP was using or why the gaffer put the light in a specific place. I was an actor and all the way back from theater school I learned everyone has their specific job. So, stay in your lane. And it’s worked really well for me thus far. Or so I thought…

Up Your Game with an Audition Prep Plan

By Bret Shuford Someone asked me after a performance the other day, “How do you keep from getting nervous?” For me, it’s all in how prepared I am. The more prepared I feel with the material, the better job I do. When I’m prepared, nothing can throw off my work. There will always be someone more prepared than you, so you might as well try…


How to Empower Yourself On Set

By Melissa Center | As actors, we daydream (and night dream) about WORKING on set. We study. We coach. We audition. And audition again. And again. And again. We perfect our marketing materials and network and create our own content and put time, energy, effort, prayers, love, magic, and money into landing a role. But what happens when we book that role? Then what?