How to Empower Yourself On Set

By Melissa Center | As actors, we daydream (and night dream) about WORKING on set. We study. We coach. We audition. And audition again. And again. And again. We perfect our marketing materials and network and create our own content and put time, energy, effort, prayers, love, magic, and money into landing a role. But what happens when we book that role? Then what?

How to Build an Action Plan Even If You Think Your Goal is Impossible

On your journey to success, you will inevitably meet up with some obstacles. But these roadblocks, hiccups, bumps, brick walls, or devastating blows don’t have to prevent you from living the career you desire. Many actors (or people in general for that matter) believe that the only way to get what they want is to first overcome the obstacles in front of them.  This focuses your energy on the problem rather than your desire.  What if getting what you want was actually as easy as adjusting your focus?

How to Be a Global Actor

Just a couple of weeks ago, Elise Arsenault gave a wonderful Working Actor Interview inside the Thriving Artist Circle. She talked about how any actor can build a strong career in multiple markets and it got my juices flowing for sure. Now, Natalie Kim has turned Elise’s insight into a fun and inspiring cartoon. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Think…