What’s Impacting Your Career Buzz?

By TAC Mentor, Tammy Lynn

Every actor and content creator I’ve ever met is looking to build momentum in their career. You’re all trying to figure out: How do I go from that co-star TV role to a series regular? Or get fans for my latest web series? Or grab attention for my work in a film that’s premiering at a festival? These are all important questions because they relate to pushing your career forward – whether that’s to another paid acting gig or to finding an audience. But, before the next casting director, studio executive, production head or other industry insider decides to work with you, they are all exercising some due diligence. What am I talking about?

5 Reasons a Reporter Says “NO” and How to Avoid Them

By TAC Mentor Tammy Lynn Reporters are not mean people (usually). They don’t hate you (most of the time). The simple fact is, they’re just really busy. Reporters get inundated with tons of story pitches every day. Seriously, just think about all of the studio films and network television shows and stars you’ve heard about recently. Now add in all the indie films, rising actors, streaming…