While most actors agree that the right agent or manager can completely change the trajectory of your career, many actors struggle to actually find representation that works.

Hands down, the two most common complaints I hear from actors are:


If you can relate, I invite you to invest in your career with this unprecedented master system designed to help you find the agent or manager you really deserve.

Whether you have representation and want to upgrade or you’ve never had an agent before, The 38-Day Representation Race lays out a specific and systematic plan designed to help you narrow your search, reach out with confidence, and move swiftly toward solid representation.

What’s Inside the Representation Race?

  • My Paint-by-Numbers Daily Representation Roadmap
    This step-by-step Representation Race Roadmap will eliminate all of the guess work and help you pursue your dream agent or manager with persistence, confidence, ease, and excitement. No more waiting or worrying about when or if your target rep will contact you.
  • Stand-Out Email Formula to Make Sure You Get Noticed
    You’ll learn the three keys to getting your email opened. Plus you’ll receive several templates to model… eye-catching subject lines included!
  • Telephone Scripts to Bypass the Gatekeepers
    You’re likely to hear one of 3 common objections when you reach out to agents and managers. Not to worry because you’ll have customized scripts to follow so you can gracefully navigate the most important step in your Representation Race process.
  • Letter-Writing Template to Create a Powerful and Concise Message
    Ooh… This one might surprise you!You’ll learn my secret to writing a cover letter that stands out and – more importantly – you’ll get your hands on my secret weapon to getting your cover letter right in the hands of your target list!
  • Representation Race Meeting Preparation Check List
    Dot all your i’s and Cross Your t’s with my Complete Meeting Preparation Check List. You’ll eliminate your nerves in order to make the best possible impression with every agent or manager you meet.
  • Know Precisely Where You Stand With My Meeting Wrap Up Process
    This step-by-step Representation Race Roadmap will eliminate all of the guess work and help you pursue your dream agent or manager with persistence, confidence, ease, and excitement. No more waiting or worrying about when or if your target rep will contact you.
PLUS! The Rep Race also includes five in-depth training videos. Now you’ll have the complete how-to right in your back pocket.

Maximize Your Relationships to Land the Perfect Representation

You’ll learn how to research the right people, how to request referrals and recommendations, and how to set the firm foundation to finish the race strong.


Launch Your Personal Representation Roadmap

I’ll lay out my proven seven-step marketing plan custom designed to bring you the best possible results quickly. This is the same plan that’s helped many of my students finally put their dream team together.


Five Must-Know Secrets to Make the Most of Your Meetings

The defining moment of your Representation Race is knocking the ball out of the park when you meet with a potential agent or manager. I’ll arm you with all of the essential tools you need to rock every meeting!


How to Overcome the 3 Most Common Objections on the Phone

You’ll learn about why phone calls are essential to finding your ideal agent or manager, how to gracefully talk to gatekeepers, and how to follow up when the phone call is over.


Lead Your Team to Bigger and Better Opportunities

Whether you find new representation right away or it takes a while, you’ll learn precisely how to set the tone for a thriving relationship with your new agent or manager filled with open communication, complete cooperation, and more auditions and bookings.

Join the Countless Actors Who Have Taken Their Careers to the Next Level Thanks to The Representation Race.


It’s About More Than Finding An Agent or Manger


Now, of course, I cannot guarantee that every actor who follows my Representation Race Roadmap will find the perfect agent or manager within 38-Days.

In fact, this program is really about educating you on marketing strategies. Your individual results totally depend on your own efforts, experience, and personal career plan.

But what I can promise you is that during the 38-Day Representation Race, you’ll discover for yourself exactly what you want in an agent and what you can do to create that partnership. You’ll also tap into exactly why you deserve it.

Plus, you’ll learn my secret strategies for marketing, taking meetings, and building strong relationships with your entire team. These are winning tools you’ll utilize long after you find your next agent.

Let’s be honest… you will always be your own best representation. But if the time has come to add an awesome agent or manager to the mix, the 38-Day Representation Race is the program designed to help you do that.

Let’s talk about whether or not the Representation Race is right for you.

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