• I now feel excited about
    my marketing.

    "I now feel excited about the work I put
    into my marketing (as opposed to
    overwhelmed and unsure and daunted). I
    was called in by 2 casting directors, found
    a manager, and got a meeting with an
    agent. This program marries the business
    side of acting with the necessary inner
    work that is missing in other programs."

    Maria Polizzano

  • I can't believe I didn't
    do this sooner.

    "I was absolutely terrified about
    using the phone, but Dallas made me
    realize how quickly I could get answers by
    taking my career into my own hands. After
    calling the agency I had been waiting to
    hear from for MONTHS, I got a positive
    response and an answer the next day! I
    can't believe I didn't do this sooner."

    Deborah Sanchez

"Dallas made me see what's possible"

  • Just booked a guest spot on a new Comedy Central show, a motion capture gig and got a recurring guest star audition for an HBO series... more to come! Thank you so much, Dallas, for helping me see what's possible! — Emily Fletcher, actress

  • Dallas challenged me to take inspired action. I just booked two national print & web commercial campaigns, for ION Television and DirecTV! I cannot thank Dallas Travers enough for challenging me to take inspired action! — Ari Rossen, actor

  • Booked three great jobs in less than six weeks. Dallas helped me get laser-focused after a bit of a slump in my acting career. In less than six weeks I booked a national commercial, a TV pilot and a TV co-star credit. — Cantrell Harris, actor

  • I booked my first TV role. Dallas Travers gets actors and she knows business - a winning combination. She has helped me to get great representation and obtain my first co-star role. Most recently, I also applied some techniques I learned and got several meetings with independent filmmakers. — Susyn Duris, actress

  • "I say with complete sincerity that Dallas Travers has changed my life. Less than six months after my first class with her, I got my very first audition for primetime television — without an agent! And I booked it! Because of her, I'm more confident in myself, in my talent, and in my place in the industry." — Ronn Burton, actor

  • "I was struggling with believing my dreams were possible and that I could leap past the status quo. After your class my TV debut aired, I had an article published in my hometown newspaper from the press release I wrote, I shot 3 student films, and had 2 commercial auditions. I also sent out my first ezine and had a 64% open ratio!" — Heather Refvem, actress

  • "I needed confidence with moving to the next level. I learned how to let go of perfection. I've booked work that invigorates me as opposed to draining me. This program is a HELL YESSS!!" — Katrina Hayes, actress

  • "I was struggling with believing in myself. My support tower is so much taller, stronger and more present than before. I started booking work again! My auditions feel more confident and powerful and I bring all of me into a room without being shy or holding back." — Brett Travis, actor

  • "I felt stuck with myself and the business in general. I trust myself more now and I'm having fun in everything I do. The most valuable thing is moving forward without needing someone to hold my hand, that is empowerment I haven't felt in any other marketing or career class. To be honest, I smile more! It's the best thing you could do for yourself." — Martha Frances Williams, actress

  • "I was struggling with not having any plan of action. My BIGGEST result was entering a stage play concept into a festival and it was accepted... I had zero words written but I wrote the play in 3 days..and I am less than a week away from seeing my work on stage. Before, I would have dropped out. Thanks for helping me show up and then stand up for my work and my ability!" — Aleesha Nash, actress

  • I am excited about
    showing up for my career.

    "Before TAC my acting career was much
    like an unorganized office space. I
    enjoyed showing up for work everyday,
    but it became impossible to work smarter,
    not harder in a chaotic environment. The
    Thriving Artist Circle taught me how to
    clean up and maintain my proverbial
    office and get excited about showing up
    for my career."

    Renee Santos

  • I now know that
    anything is possible

    "When I met Dallas, my management team
    had let me go, and I had recently left my
    agent. Dallas' invaluable insights and
    creative input put me back on the path
    toward success. I am now working with my
    dream management team and an amazing
    agent. Dallas is an inspiring and positive
    light in my life that keeps me dreaming and
    achieving big."

    Susane Lee

"I'm so much more confident & motivated"

  • In only 8 weeks, I'm so much more confident and motivated. As a result of the Breakthrough, I finished writing my web series and production is set. I would have never done that without this experience. I would absolutely recommend this program, but I wouldn't have to because everyone can see the change in me.
    Nicole DiMattei, actress

  • The Breakthrough is amazing — especially as a package with the Blueprint — it gives a framework for how to run my business, make authentic decisions and take inspired action to leap forward in my career. I have implemented "practices" — a list of daily, weekly, and monthly tasks — that I do regularly.
    Keiko Elizabeth, actress

  • Before the Breakthrough, I was feeling overwhelmed. I was not sure how to approach the marketing side of the business. My biggest transformation was having a laser focused plan and steps to get there. — Stephen Sheffer, actor

  • Because of the Breakthrough, I actually went on several auditions for commercials, and got really good feed back, which, as an older actor starting later in life, is very exciting for me. I also completed a commercial class. I am more confident and patient with myself. Would I recommend the Breakthrough? YES and do it now. — Lanier Westmoreland, actor

  • My inner compass is
    pointing true north.

    "I had a fear of reaching out, poor time
    management, and a lack of prioritization. I
    reversed all of the above. And, most
    importantly, I rebuilt trust with myself while
    nurturing and focusing on relationships rather
    than bookings. I have several new well-paid
    bookings as well as marketing materials and
    reinforced professional relationships. My inner
    compass is pointing due North. No matter
    where you are in your career, you will benefit

    Libby Skala

  • I have a plan and I know I can
    live my dream.

    "Acting is difficult because there is no 'plan'
    to go about pursuing it. Now I actually have
    a plan and I know, if I follow the steps,
    process and marketing tips I learned, I will
    be successful in living my dream. This
    program is not for the weak of heart or the
    unmotivated. If you want real results and
    tangible ways to go about achieving those
    results than look no further than Dallas
    Travers, she is a true gift from God to us

    Trinecia Moore-Pernell

  • "I realized that my "feelings of failure" aren't because of my work but the nature of this business. I feel closer to reaching my goal and very aware of the next steps I need to take. My goal was to get a legit agent and I have had meetings with several agents and 3 more meetings to go!" — Megan McDermott, actress

  • "I realized I can do the things I always wished I could. I have a structure rather then just running around doing things without really knowing where I'm going. Now I have a reel, a plan, and a target list that reflects what I want. Plus positive feedback from the CDs in my fan club that I did not think was possible." — Jessica Dowdeswell, actress

  • "In the past two months, I booked my first television show, got back in touch with a director/producer I worked with, shot the first episode of a web series I wrote, and got called in straight to producers as a result of applying the Blueprint. Thanks to Dallas, I know exactly where I stand, what has to happen next and am totally confident that I am right where I am supposed to be." — Jennefer Ludwigsen, actress

  • "The Thriving Artist Circle has keyed me into the importance of marketing and given me helpful hints on navigating the industry as an actor. Dallas has changed the way I look at the industry and helped me get more specific about the best way to conquer it." — Caroline Slaughter, actress

  • "The Thriving Artist Circle is always something I can turn to for guidance to grow and evolve in my career. I revel in the monthly calls because they always seem to touch on an issue I'm dealing with at that very moment and I receive new ideas to move forward through someone else's issue." — Tiwana Floyd, actress

  • "Dallas' organization has been instrumental in my getting into action. The Thriving Artist Circle has exposed me to other professionals in the field that have been part of my career development as well. Dallas puts tools in your hands to get you where you would like to go." — Gerard Ender, actor

  • I am now focused on my role in
    creating success in my career.

    "Before becoming a member of the Thriving
    Artists Circle, I was hoping; hoping an agent
    would call, hoping for my career to "take off."
    Being a TAC member keeps me focused on
    MY role in creating success in my career.
    Dallas has given me the tools, information,
    and confidence I need to take actionable
    steps to manage my career."

    Ed Zajac

  • I have a plan and I know I can
    live my dream.

    "The clarity, focus, encouragement, and
    knowledge I've gained have propelled me
    forward personally and professionally.
    Unlike other classes I've taken, I am now
    armed with tools and habits that will allow
    these positive changes to be sustainable. I
    can honestly say I haven't felt this optimistic
    and empowered in years."

    Elizabeth Maxwell

"I feel like I'm running a business"

  • I didn't understand the path or steps I should be taking. I feel more structured in how I run my business now. I've signed with an agent and I shot two shorts for myself. My production at my day job has skyrocketed as well. This is one of the best things you can do for yourself if you are serious about a career in acting.
    Ryan Johnson, actor

  • I booked two costar credits within five months. Dallas Travers is the real thing. Within 5 months after beginning Dallas' work, I booked two costar credits and I am consistently auditioning. Dallas breaks things down into a system that has focus and leads you to specific goals. It is exciting finally having a little control over my career! — Jennifer Cortese, actress

  • I finally have the right representation. After two years, I realized that it was time to find new representation. So, after a few weeks of implementing Dallas' marketing plan, I found the perfect representation for me. Now I have a team in place that believes in me and works hard on my behalf. — Karla Zamudio, actress

  • I'm more effective, efficient and authentic. I was in a fine place. I joined because I liked Dallas' ideas, personality and generosity. I see myself bigger and the universe/industry is responding. I'm up for major theatres, tours and roles. I'm having meetings and conversations with the industry's top players. I'm more effective, efficient and authentic. Dallas nails it — from content to execution. I'm a BIG fan. — Tony Howell, actor

  • "I was feeling very stuck not knowing which direction to take. I was feeling defeated! The biggest transformation was becoming my own agent. I became so hopeful again because I was challenging and allowing myself to be vulnerable! I'm the most productive about my career that I've ever been." — Michael Vinton, actor

  • "Dallas isnt someone who has simply changed my career but she has changed my life. What makes her stand out is her ability to bring clarity to any situation and empower actors to be the best they can be. Its hard to find people you completely trust and with her I know she is exactly who she represents herself as." — Simone McAlonen, actress

  • "Thanks to everything I've learned from Dallas I just booked my biggest TV jobs yet a — Top of Show Guest Star and a pilot!" — Anoush NeVart, actress

  • "I felt overwhelmed — like I had to do everything and I didn't know where to begin. Now I feel justified making decisions based on my own values and I'm in control of my path. I finished my Voiceover demo and am currently attacking new projects a little bit each day." — Amanda Thickpenny, actress

  • "My career was too much work, too little results. Your program gave me a complete change of focus. Now I know what my primary interest is in this business, rather than the 'take everything I can mentality.' The result is bringing together my writing and my acting, real progress for me." — Henry Packer, actor

  • "I wanted to advance my career to the next level. I learned to better leverage existing relationships and acquired tools to build new ones. I have turned down several offers that did not lead to my larger goal of "upleveling." My whole way of working has changed. Be prepared to work and dig deep, but you WILL see results! " — Daralyn Jay, actress

"Dallas challenged me to start proactively showing up"

  • The first manager I called, met with me & signed me. Dallas taught me not only how to set up my month for my target list but she also taught me that this system was a "blueprint" or a constant. I could add or subtract but the frame of my marketing was done. And this was how I landed my manager. The first one I called and got an actual meeting with, signed me — Kurt Ela, actor

  • I upleveled my representation in a big way. Dallas provided me with the practical steps and emotional support to step up and leave my manager. I soon replaced my mediocre representation with a fantastic manager and wonderful agents who get me in rooms I had previously dreamed of. I'm telling you, Dallas is one of the most powerful weapons I know to put in an actors arsenal — Denice Sealy, actress

  • Dallas challenged me to start proactively showing up. When I first met Dallas, I felt 'over-trained and under-prepared.' Dallas made me see that my hard earned MFA training was worth the industry's time. In less than 6 since months time working with Dallas, I signed with a commercial agent, got two avails, a major play booking, and the icing on the cake: booked my first guest star on HBO. — Amin El Gamal, actor

  • I now have patience to build the career I want. Dallas and her programs and the community she has built have de-mystified the business of being a successful and fulfilled PERSON above all else. From her, I have gained the confidence to start reaching out to people who know me and build a career, and not in a phony way. — Sarah Hunt, actress

  • I booked six national

    "After two frustrating years of trying to find
    an agent, Dallas helped me get three meetings
    in less than one month. Now, I'm working with
    a top commercial agency and I've booked six
    national commercials."

    Dave Tenenbaum

  • The casting directors on my list
    now know I'm alive.

    "Before working with Dallas, I could not get an
    audition. I learned to create a target list of
    projects I want to work on and reach out to
    those people in a creative way. The six Casting
    Directors on my target list now know I am alive
    and I was called in for a character on Criminal
    Minds. I have an action-based system for
    achieving my goals now."

    Brick Patrick

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